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Organic and Gluten free!

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With no doubt, one of the most serious breweries with regard to the quality of the raw materials and especially of its manufacturing process which respect the law of purity of the Bavarian beers published in 1516: the “Reinheitsgebot”. No colorings, no additives, no pesticides, they are neither filtered nor pasteurized in order to preserve all their aromas and their nutritional qualities, and no addition of sugar for the fermentation in bottle: the pure of the goodness makes the products an excellence! Buy and taste with eyes closed, you will not be disappointed.

  • Lager: The only organic beer without gluten and low fermentation, it is also the only one that can be found in both 25cl and 50cl formats. Like any good Lager self-respecting it is light and very refreshing, ideal in summer.
  • Brown: Bavarian type, it is quite smoothy, refined for a brunette, with a peaty touch reminiscent of Scotch whiskeys. Here in “Gluten-free” mode.
  • Blonde: Belgian Pale Ale type, floral and light, easy to drink. Here in “Gluten-free” mode.
  • Blanche: Bavarian “Hefeweizen” type, unfiltered and unpasteurized. A gluten-free and organic slightly lemony and pleasant. Here in “Gluten-free” mode.
  • Amber: A fairly smoothy beer, gourmet in the mouth with aromas of citrus and gingerbread. A great success and a big success. Here in “Gluten-free” mode.



Ambrée Bio 250ml, Blanche Bio 250ml, Blonde Bio 250ml, Brune Bio 250ml, Lager Bio 250ml, Lager Bio 500ml