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Historic family brewery.

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Since 1922 Brasserie Duyck (named after its creator) is located in Jenlain, a small village in northern France.

This small village bears the mark of the most famous beer of guard of France with its specific conditioning in champagne bottle of 75cl, the stopper in cork and the muselet. Guard beer (meaning “kept” and not “for keeping”) means a beer that has been stored for several weeks after the end of fermentation.

By taking the time to keep his beers in vats for several weeks, Jenlain extends the work of yeast and the natural fermentation that allows the aromas to develop. The guard gives the Jenlain a round and harmonious taste.

Today, the 5th generation of the family (independent French brewery!) Continues the tradition and innovates with new packaging and new cuvées to discover with us exclusively.

  • Gold 8 °
    Perfect tasting beer as an aperitif. Belgian Strong Ale type with work on hopping (Hop Brewers Gold), fermentation and yeast. Result: a perfectly balanced and finely hopped beer for a moment of absolute indulgence.
    Eye: Bright golden color, fine and creamy white foam.
    Nose: Fine finish, citrus fruits, spices, white flowers.
    Palate: Fine texture, sweet and creamy sensation, slightly sweet taste. Taste of cereals, honey, fillet of bitterness, notes of pear pepper cooked.
  • Brewer’s mood 2017 5.7 °
    For the look of the bottle you have to buy it! Superb beer collection. Every year it changes so enjoy this amber beer perfectly balanced with a beautiful bitterness that will seduce all palates.
  • Discovery Box + 2 Glasses: Blonde + Amber + Gold
    The 3 iconic beers of Jenlain in 75cl accompanied by 2 glasses Jenlain foot beautiful bill.
  • Blonde 6.8 °
    With its light bitterness, this aromatic blonde of character is appreciated at any time of the day.
    Eye: Yellow golden button color. Off-white, creamy mousse.
    Nose: Grains, earth, rustic then white flowers, yellow fruits, greenery.
    Palate: Vivid, sparkling, many esters brought by the yeast, spices, a little sweet finish.
  • Ambrée 7.5 °
    The oldest, we could say the original! Since 1922 is the “Jenlain’s Touch” with its inimitable taste that has accompanied many of your (our) evenings of teenagers (we will not swing anyone …). A (re) discover in its new packaging, for a moment of nostalgia that you will appreciate necessarily.
    Eye: Amber color with orange highlights, limpid. Creamy ivory foam, very fine bubbles.
    Nose: Roasted malts, toast crust, hazelnuts, roasted almonds, tonka bean.
    Palate: Lively sparkling, soft round texture. Slightly sweet attack on the caramel.
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