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Precious rosemary water, enhancer of eternal life.




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In the peaceful coastal hamlet of Acciaroli, villagers enjoy the good life longer than us.

More than one in ten people are reaching their 100th birthday and more.

This is not because the villagers are particularly concerned about their health. They are also connoisseurs of good meat and good wines. Their enthusiasm for the pleasures of life is as famous as their longevity.

The story of the small coastal village of Acciaroli has been reported in several prominent media such as the BBC, The Telegraph and The New York Times.

The difference of the village? Rosemary ! They put them everywhere, all the time, every moment.

That’s how the idea of ​​Rosemary Water N ° 1 was born: instead of having to eat rosemary, you just have to drink it.

Made from pure fresh rosemary extract, bottled to the highest ethical standards and available in a flat or sparkling form, it is a stimulating and tasty way to consume rosemary, a medicinal herb traditionally associated with the improvement of memory and blood system.

No. 1 Rosemary Water provides access to the longevity flask hitherto reserved for the villagers of Acciaroli. Drink to your longevity, drink to your health.

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