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Aloe Vera Bio to drink and chew.



A deliciously crunchy drink: Eat and drink healthily for your body and mind. Aloe Drink For Life is produced in Thailand. Working directly with local farmers is essential to ensure a high level of freshness and quality of this fragile fruit.

The characteristics of the brand:

• Responsible cooperative agriculture                                                   • Harvested fresh Aloe Vera which is bottled in 24 hours                • A respect for the environment

4 flavours to discover:

• Natural Organic 50cl:
Aloe Drink For Life Nature offers not only a unique taste, but also new sensations with the pulp of aloe vera in suspension. Ideal partner to rehydrate you, in 50cl format to take everywhere with you.

  • Organic wood fruits 50cl:                                                              Aloe Drink For Life Nature “greedy” fashion with organic wood fruits that bring a delicious touch of freshness and originality. Only in 50cl format to bring with you everywhere the spirit of the woods.
  • Organic citrus 50cl:                                                                          The freshness, the mordant, the pep of lemon, orange and grapefruit associated with the crunchiness and sweetness of aloe vera … The result? Difficult to explain. Ask Superman, or order live on Watershop to taste.
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Agrumes Bio, Fruits des Bois Bio, Nature (Original)

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