Fruity Carola Organic – Spring Waters and Organic Juice 6x100cl

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Delicious combination of mineral water and pure organic fruit juice.




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Carola offers more than just flavoured water: a mineral water with fruit juice. The taste is more intense The taste is more intense, fresher, more true! No false taste of chemical flavors, everything is organic and only with real pressed juices. The combination of the benefits of Carola mineral water with organic fruit juices is heavenly!
Taste the difference!
Carola will delight the youngest and lovers of organic drinks which are light and digestible.

  • Carola Spring water and fruit juices originating from Organic Farming.
  • Certified by the Organic Agriculture Label.
  • To consume fresh or at room temperature, throughout the day.
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1 L

Carola au jus de fruits

Lemonade, Apple