Organic Limonades Belvoir- English Tradition


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Fine and delicate lemonade.




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Belvoir Bio flavoured lemonade is made from pure fruit juice mixed with sparkling spring water. Produced from 100% natural and organic ingredients, the drinks do not contain any artificial elements. Their taste is extremely refreshing and tasty.


  •     Nature Bio 25cl & 75cl:

Our iconic lemonade, made with freshly squeezed lemons, sugar and slightly sparkling spring water, has always been one of our most popular drinks (and Organic of course). Its inimitable taste is refreshing and sparkling, really without added sugar and therefore light.

  • Ginger Beer Bio 25cl & 75cl:

Our ginger beer is made from a traditional recipe, with the inescapable taste of real ginger, plus lots of lemon juice, mixed with slightly sparkling spring water. It does not contain artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Super refreshing when served iced, it makes the best “Moscow Mule” that you have tasted mixed with vodka. At the limit, try it with warm water (and a whiskey lichette) to warm up a sad winter evening, or to hunt insects! (the management is not responsible for the writings written, it is already under the table)

  •     25cl & 75cl Organic Elderberry Flower:

An exquisite blend: freshly picked organic elderflower, fresh lemon juice and water of
sparkling source. All without artifice of course, and natural organic.

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Fleur de Sureau Bio 25cl, Fleur de Sureau Bio 75cl, Ginger Beer : Soda au Gingembre Bio 25cl, Ginger Beer : Soda au Gingembre Bio 75cl, Limonade Bio 25cl, Limonade Bio 75cl

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