Sagar Lore: Organic Apple Juice


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Pure organic apple juice from Basque varieties: surprising!




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Led by young motivated and passionate producers, Domaine Bordatto brings back old varieties of apples to offer outstanding cider farmers from the Basque Country, tasty apple juice and Irouleguy AOC wines, all in organic farming. On only 1ha of vines and 3.5ha of apple trees, the products are authentic of the Basque soil.

Apple varieties? Forget the apples of the supermarket, go on a trip with local and old Basque varieties: Anisa, Eztika, Eri Sagarra, Mamula, Apez Sagarra, Azaou Sagarra, Burdinga, Koko Gorria, Koko xuria, Errezila, Eztirotxia, Jinkoa, Gehesia Gorria, Geza xurria, Mandoburua, Negu Sagarra, Bordelesa, Entzea, Patzulua, Ondo Motxa …

Domaine Bordatto gives us the benefit of a complex apple juice with explosive aromas with an assembly of 5 varieties of typical Basque apples: surprising!

Declinations: 25cl & 100cl

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1 L, 25 cl