SEVA – Canada’s Organic Maple Water


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Delicious Organic Maple Water from Canada.




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This maple water comes directly from maple trees in the Laurentian Forest in Quebec. It is packaged in Tetra Pak bricks to preserve all the flavors and nutritional qualities. Low in carbohydrates and calories, with its 46 essential nutrients (vitamins and minerals) it is a powerful antioxidant + toning + moisturizer.

Certified NAPSI (Natural, Authentic, Pure, Sterile, Integral), this water is Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, and without any damage to trees.

The mini brig of 330 ml of maple water to drink at any time of the day, preferably very fresh. Ideal during or after the sport because very invigorating and moisturizing, it replaces juices, energy drinks and coconut water often more sweet and caloric.

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Eau d’érable pure biologique 1L, Eau d’érable pure biologique 330ml

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