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Fritz: Vegan + gluten free + 100% natural ingredients + caffeine = Delicious & EXPLOSIVE!




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In 2003, two Hamburg students decided to revolutionize cola and its variations. The idea will be to propose a range of natural products, respectful of the environment and of unequaled quality until then. The Fritz-Kola are born, all 100% Vegan and gluten-free, revolutionizing the market. It’s up to you to make your revolution!


  • Fritz-Spritz Rhubarb: 33cl
    40% rhubarb juice freshly squeezed, natural flavors.
  • Fritz-Kola Zuckerfrei (without sugar): 33cl
    Sugar free
  • Fritz-Kola Stevia: 33cl
    With real natural Stevia extracts and not chemical additives from the plant like many others …
  • Fritz-Spritz Grape: 33cl
    50% grape juice freshly squeezed, 50% sparkling water.
  • Fritz-Spritz Apple: 33cl
    66% pure naturally cloudy apple juice and sparkling water.
  • Fritz-Limo ​​Apple Cherry Sureau: 33cl
    23% fruit juice combining apple + cherry + elderberries for a detonating and delicious result!
  • Fritz-Limo ​​Orangeade: 33cl
    5% orange juice + 1.5% mandarin juice + 5% lemon juice = 100% taste and probably one of the best orangeades on the market!
  • Fritz-Mischmasch: 33cl
    Mix of Kola and orangeade
  • Fritz-Limo ​​Melon: 33cl
    A lemonade with melon, super refreshing!
  • Fritz-Mate: 33cl
    25mg of natural caffeine => stimulating drink!
  • Fritz-Limo ​​Lemonade: 33cl
    THE lemonade, tangy, refreshing, a slaughter …
  • Fritz-Fritz Kola: 33cl
    A Kola Vegan, gluten free, only natural ingredients, 25mg of caffeine for an instant boost!
  • Fritz- Kola Kaffee Lemonade: 33cl
    A mix of Kola, coffee and lemonade
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