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Liam: Source of Serenity / 4x25cl




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Liam is a concept drink from the South of France, inviting you to travel, to adopt a zen attitude and pamper yourself. Made with green tea extracts, lemon juice, fruit sugars and the juice of green grapes to give a hint of acidity, this low-calorie drink filled with Mediterranean flair, brings you all the benefits of Green Tea. When you pour it into a glass, you get a gentle mix of emerald and sun colours. Lightly sparkling, Liam has the taste of a harmony of green tea and lemon aromas. On the palate: it has a tangy freshness and slightly sweet green tea tones. Liam will surprise you with its thirst quenching quality and freshness.

  • Drink with extracts of Green Tea and Lemon, ideal to accompany you throughout the day.
  • All the benefits of Green Tea in a 250mL format to take everywhere with you.
  • No added sugar, no colorings, no preservatives.

    Liam will surprise you with its refreshing side and its freshness in the mouth.


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