Acqua Panna – Italian Still Mineral Water


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Italian finely mineralized water with the palette of Tuscan colors.




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Acqua Panna: a lightly mineralized water with the palette of Tuscan colours.

Tuscany, at the foot of the Apennines in Italy, is the homeland of the Arts, painters and lovers of a beautiful and generous nature.

This is also where the Acqua Panna takes its source, in the old Medici property, between Florence and Bologna.

This source was well known to the travelers of yesteryear who took this road, and stopped in the property to “get fresh ideas”

Known since 1564, it has been commercially exploited since 1860 by the Marquise de Torrigiani who sent amphorae to Florence

It is a mineral spring water with a very balanced minerality that gives it a very pure taste, as well as subtle flavors.

The water collected by the mountains, takes 15 years to infiltrate the rocks of the subsoil before resurfacing on the surface, which allows it to purify itself and acquire this particular minerality,

This mineral balance makes it a favorite beverage to accompany delicate morsels with refined flavors, and it goes wonderfully well with many wines.

In 2003, Acqua Panna became the official water of the Association of International Sommellerie, connoisseurs, with no doubt.

The first bottling plant was created in 1938, then constantly modernized to reach the highest levels of quality and control, to provide you with water of superior quality and subtle flavors.

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