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High quality mineral water, rich in calcium and bicarbonate.




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It was Louis Joseph, Duke of Vendôme, in the middle of the 17th century who cleared the road leading to the now famous source of Fuente en Segures in the municipality of Benassal.               This Spanish water has a French touch!

In 1928, the King of Spain declared the water from Agua de Benassal (which is rich in calcium and bicarbonate with a low sodium content) for public use. As a result, Agua de Benassal water is distinguished not only by its extraordinary mineral qualities, but also by its elegant and recognizable bottles to thousands.It should be noted that the village of Benassal still owns the source and not a large industrial group. They have maintained the elegance and distinction of the bottles even though the production has been modernized (new bottling line in 2003). Since 2010, the water from Agua de Benassal has been recognized as one of the best in the world at the ITQI in Belgium, where more than 100 Chefs and Sommeliers from around the world took part. This is the only water that has won for 6 years consecutively the Crystal Globe Award for the best Water.

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