Åre Still Water – Pure water from Sweden’s glaciers PET 500ml


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Are Water – Swedish Water in version of PET & still Nature




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With less than 0.5mg/l Nitrates, naturally rich in oxygen (84%), it is one of the purest natural mineral water sources in the world.

The source is located in the heart of the Åre mountain range (pronounced ‘O-re’) in Swedish, which is an exceptional environment protected from all sources of pollution.

Directly taken at source, bottled and packaged on site, it is a prestigious natural mineral water because of its rarity and purity.

Åre Mineral Water was a winner at the first international Gourmet AVPA water competition in Paris in 2017. It won 2 gold medals in the ‘sparkling light’ categories and ’Light still water’. Needless to say, all the tasters appreciated its finesse and purity.

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Available in spakling and still, 50cl format in super thick PET plastic.

Weight 1 kg

500 ml

Verre ou PET

Plastique PET

Are Water Aromatisé

Cranberry, Lemon, Nature

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