Baikal – Pure Water from Russia


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Fresh water from Lake Baikal.





Lake Baikal is the deepest and cleanest lake on the planet, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is also the largest natural reservoir of freshwater (75% of all drinking water in the world). The width of Lake Baikal is between 24 and 79km (more than 620km of coast!) And its depth is 1167 meters.

The deep waters of Baikal are unique:

  • Taken at a depth of 400 m – the highest content of dissolved natural oxygen (12 mg / l) which improves the oxygen supply to the body.
  • Water has a negative value of the redox potential and can be considered a powerful enough antioxidant.
  • This water restores the immune system and has powerful immune properties.
  • The pH of Baikal water (7.6) and the pH of the human body are almost identical, it means the absence of any irritating factor in Baikal water and it is well digested by the human body, including by infants.

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