Bling H2O Silver


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Still water Made in USA.





Drinking water can also become a luxurious act.

Bling H2O was fired up from the imagination of the writer Kevin G. Boyd who wanted to create a brand of water reserved for a certain elite. It had to combine a high-end designed bottle with water of incomparable taste.

The source of Bling H2O water is in Tennessee, 100 km from Nashville, at the foot of the Great Smokey Mountains, in the heart of a virgin forest, an enchanting place for the trapper who is within each of us. Water is bottled directly at source. It emerges at a temperature of 14.5 °C and is filtered and treated with no less than 9 different filtrations.

In addition to being chosen as ‘the purest water in the world’, this somewhat special water by its price, has also been awarded the Gold Medal at the Berkeley Best Taste Contest.

The bottles are encrusted with real Swarovski crystals.


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