Can’O Water -Still Water- Recyclable Resealable Can


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Unique in the world: Pure Alpine water in a resealable, refillable and 100% recyclable can.





Can’O Water is based on a simple starting point: our oceans are polluted by all types of waste and plastic, especially with more than 8 million tonnes ending up in the seas. Which container is the most ‘eco-friendly’ and the most recyclable? Can’O Water responds with its aluminum can that has the highest recyclability rate to date.

The design is clean. The can is easily carried, is resealable (unique in the world!), and keeps water cool for a longer time. It can be taken anywhere.In addition to all these advantages, this water comes from a source in the Austrian Alps, really nice to drink, very pure, so it can be used on any occasion!

– 100% recyclable (including plastic capsule) and eco-friendly.                        – Resealable and refillable can (unique in the world).                                         – Water is kept fresh for every drinking moment.




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