Essentuki N4 – Russia – Caucasian healing water


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Also healing but less mineralized Essentuki.




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The population of our planet knows the medicinal properties of mineral water since ancient times. Thus, the sources were endowed with incredible power, about which the legends were composed. Our ancestors always believed that mineral waters could restore to the person not only lost health, but also youth and beauty.

Among the seaside resorts of the mineral waters of the Caucasus, there is a city with an unusual name. An ancient legend tells of the time when these places were deserted steppes. A young family spent the night here. A baby was very weak: he was often sick, hardly walked, and his hair did not grow on his delicate head. In the morning, the mother saw that the son had disappeared and rushed to seek. She found him at the source where the boy washed and drank tasty and fresh water. The baby choked, became strong and thick, shiny hair began to grow on his head after a while. Since then, legend has it that people now call this little Essentuki River, which means “living hair”.

The magical power of mineral water to cure diseases, bring people back to health, youth and beauty, fueled by many myths and legends.

Essentuki N4

Essentuki 4 water (from the name of the source from which it comes, also indicating that it is one of the least mineralized waters) is less mineralized than its big sister 17 but equally beneficial, therapeutic and is actively used for the treatment. many diseases:

  • Improves the acid function of the stomach.
  • Improves motor activity of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Improves metabolic processes in the body, liver, pancreas, bile and urinary tract.

Mineral water is a therapeutic mineral water and, like other mineral waters of this class, it is not recommended to drink it without consulting a doctor.

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