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The pure water of the Fiji Islands to discover in its 3 formats:




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The artesian water of the Fiji Islands

Fiji water is an artesian water from an underground aquifer in the Yaqara Valley north of Viti Levu, on one of the main islands of Fiji.
It is known for its great purity and original taste that has made its success around the world.

It is conditioned without any contact with the hand of the man.

Fiji’s water has been exported to the USA since the late 90s and has been very successful: the second most popular brand of water behind Evian.

This water is the pride of his country and alone accounts for about 20% of FIJI’s foreign trade.

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Fiji Water : The favorite water of the stars

The Fiji brand has been very present in the American media: movies, series, marketing actions.
It has become in a few years, a water of luxury very requested by the stars:
– Mariah Carey requires for each of her concerts to have a fridge full of water Fiji …
Madonna, when she is a fan of water Voss and Catherine Zeta Jones swears by the water Ty Nant.

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