Fillico Jewelry Water – Luxury and Purity of Japan


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Kobe Pure Japanese Water – 72cl




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Fillico is famous for its bottles of exception adorned with precious stones which are sold between 250€ and 350€.

The bottles are real masterpieces, based on frosted glass with gold inlay enhanced with Swarovski crystals. There are only limited editions of them which are regularly renewed.
The water comes from Kobe in Japan. It rises from a famous source known by the Japanese as being pure and natural. They use this spring water to produce one of their best sakes.

Taste the purity and the Japanese excellence, exclusively on Watershop!

4 different Fillico bottles available:
• Fillico + Angel Wings + Queen Cap
• Fillico Primo + Angel Wings + Gold King Cap
• Fillico Brillo + Angel Wings + Queen Cap
• Fillico Elegant Black + Angel Wings + Black King Cap

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Fillico Jewelry Water

Fillico, Fillico Primo, Fillico Brillo, Fillico Elegant Black, Fillico Juno, Fillico Peacock

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