Harrogate Spring Water – Premium still spring water from England- 75cl


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Official Water of Royal Ascot, England & Great Britain Hockey.




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Harrogate Spring Water is recognized as one of the best brands of spring water. This water is reputed around the world for its purity, its balanced taste, its heritage and typical British style.

The first mineral spring was discovered in 1571 by Queen Elizabeth the 1sts doctor. He recommended its medicinal properties to his patients and the city was named “The English Spa”.

In 1740, it became the first British bottled water. Today, Harrogate Spring continues this legacy by making natural spring water available to everyone.

This water is balanced and rich in minerals, refreshing, with a mild and subtle flavour, without nitrates or nitrite. It reflects the quality of the soil and the surrounding catchment area, known locally as the “Pinewoods Conservation Area”, which is located in the middle of hectares of unspoilt land.

The sparkling water is very slightly effervescent, which gives it a greater softness and is the perfect way to clean and refresh the palate. Harrogate Spring has been awarded “Best Bottled Water in the World” prize at the International Water Tasting Awards in Berkeley Springs, USA.

The diamond bottle “The Diamond Bottle”:

This striking design has been implemented throughout the Harrogate Spring family, from PET to glass. Inspired by Harrogate’s classic architecture, the diamonds in the bottle disperse the light to create a sparkling effect. The rigid diamond lattice provides exceptional strength and a beautiful visual effect.

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75 cl