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The least mineralized water in the world




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The Isbre water source is located below the Hardangerjøkulen Glacier at the end of the 160km long Hardanger Fjord in Ulvik, Norway. From this subarctic glacial spring and in a place so remote that it is only accessible via the fjords, comes the purest and least mineralized water in the world.

The age of the glacier is estimated to be at least 5,000 years, which makes it one of the oldest water sources in the world. The water is of unparalleled quality and has been certified by the US Patent and Trademark Office as the ‘Best Drinking Water in the World’ ®. Isbre has also obtained the EU trademark: ‘Isbre-Best World Drinking Water’ ®.

Hardanger is known as one of the regions on earth with the most majestic natural landscape that exists: Fjords, Mountains, Glaciers, and of course, many waterfalls.

Its content of salt, minerals and metal compounds are incredibly low. As a consequence, Isbre is the healthiest and purest water you can buy and drink without moderation.

  • The lowest rate of minerals in the world.
  • Totally pure to drink without restriction.
  • 5000 year old glacier water.
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