St Georges – Corsican Water by Starck


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Corsican water from artesian source: soft & pure.




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The water of Saint Georges is from Corsican spring water, an exceptional natural purity.

In the mountains of southern Corsica, overlooking the bays of Ajaccio and Propriano, Mount Serra-Cimaggia majestically dominates the Col de Saint Georges from which rise two sources of exceptionally purity.

The unusual purity of this water comes from its underground journey through virtually undisturbed scrub land, growing on underlying granite.

The water of Saint Georges is a spring water that rises naturally on the surface and its capture respects the rhythms of nature, without any risk of exhaustion of the resource.
As soon as it emerges from the soil, St. George’s water goes into a stone receiver, following a method that has been used since Roman times, and is then directed by a pipe to a stainless steel tank located in the bottling plant.
Thus, from its birth to storage in bottles, Saint Georges water is not exposed to any external pollutant and undergoes no treatment.
Since 1998, the water is conditioned in new bottles designed by the famous designer Philippe Starck, which perfectly materializes the purity of the product by a minimalist design class. You can order bottles directly on our site, if you want more information on the water of Saint George, you can contact us here

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