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The pollution-free ocean around the Pacific Islands is one of the best spots for divers.

One day, the founder of Aquagen went astray during a dive in this area. By chance, in the deep ocean zone, he marveled at the clarity of a tiny area filled with fish of all kinds. From this pocket of fresh drinking water, he would draw Aquagen shortly afterwards.

The origin: these pockets of fresh water actually originate from huge pieces of icebergs that detached themselves thousands of years ago (about 2000 years).

The pieces fell into the “deep ocean zone” and travelled for kilometers according to the currents. Despite the time that has elapsed, they have not melted mainly due to the salinity of the ocean. Therefore, there exists several pockets of pure glacial drinking water at the bottom of the oceans.

This deep oceanic water contains all the major elements that are essential for our body:

  • Magnesium, which improves metabolism;
  • Calcium, which strengthens the bones;
  • Sodium, which helps with energy recovery;
  • Potassium, which maintains the pH balance.

All these elements make Aquagen rare, exclusive and precious.

Taiwan has been the first to introduce this pure sparkling water into the world.

Watershop is pleased to offer Aquagen water exclusively.


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