Aur’A Sparkling – Alkaline pH 8.25


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Perfect water, ideal source of natural energy for tastings and purify your palate.




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At the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, in KaraKul de Aur (Romania), far from human activity, there is a rare and precious natural source from which water springs with exceptional properties. Aura’A water has a rare naturally alkaline composition (with a pH of 8.25) and colloidal agents of gold and silver. This balanced mineralization makes it much sought-after and exclusive.

You need to drink this water in order to experience and appreciate its incredibly beneficial impact on your taste buds: Aur’A water purifies and stimulates your taste sensors after every sip. It is the ideal companion for any self-respecting taster!

– pH 8.25, exceptionally alkaline for optimum hydration.                                  – A perfect water and source of natural energy.                                                    – Ideal for tastings and purifying of your palate.


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