Borjomi – Sparkling water from the Caucasus


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Georgia’s exceptional water




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Presented as the ‘Vichy of the Caucasus’, Borjomi water has always had the same mineral composition since its discovery in 1830!

The Kharagauli Nature Park in the Caucasus Mountains is the largest in Europe which is 700km² in area. Needless to say, the environment is preserved, and the water is totally pure.

This water of volcanic origin is pushed naturally to the surface from the bowels of the earth by the pressure of CO2. Its 8 to 10 km journey through the different strata and rock layers gives it its natural effervescence and exceptional minerality.

Let yourself be surprised by the quality and natural benefits of this exceptional water!

  • Exceptional water from the Caucasus.
  • Natural sparkling water.
  • 50cl glass and PET (plastic) in 1 liter
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100cl PET, 50cl Verre