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Deeside Mineral Water has become famous in recent years for its exceptional qualities and health benefits, but the history of this water actually began more than 750 years ago.

The Pannanich Wells are located east of Ballaster Village in the Scottish Highlands, near the Scottish Home of the British Royal Family in the beautiful Royal Deeside Valley.

Deeside water is stimulating and invigorating. It is drunk very cold and is very palatable.

It was previously consumed and recommended for sick people in small villages around pannanich wells. This is why its health benefits have always been recognized. But this water was also consumed during the summer season by a large number of people because it is very refreshing.

It is important to remember that water is the most important source of daily nutrition for humans. All life depends on water and its role in health and well-being is much more important than most people can think of. Water quality varies from country to country and from source to source. There are no two like them.

Only the world’s rare waters have the characteristics required to produce health benefits that go beyond refreshment.

The research has identified the necessary qualities that a water must have to be recognized as beneficial. It depends on 5 factors.

The five factors are

– the cleanliness

– the oxygen level

– pH (acidity or alkalinity)

– conductivity (directly related to the mineral content)

– the oxidation-reduction potential

That’s why Deeside Mineral Water is actively beneficial to health what most other waters are not. Mineral water Deeside is perfectly adapted to the current expectations of the consumers because it is beneficial for the health (proved thanks to the researches), it respects the 5 factors and it is natural.

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