Vals – Natural sparkling mineral water from Monts d’Ardèche


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Centennial natural sparkling mineral water.




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The mineral water of Vals rises in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of ‘Monts d’Ardèche’, in France.

A legend relates that in 1602, a young fisherman named Martin discovered, while he was walking along a river, a singular bubbling from one of the river banks. Tired, he stopped and drank the water from the spring that had been unveiled to him and he felt better.

This is how VALS WATER was revealed, the benefits of which attracted a growing number of drinkers and people from the Court. Even the Marquise de Sévigné, extolled and dedicated the merits of VALS Water in her letters. Consequently, this reputed water was quickly shipped to the Court of Versailles.

The volcanic basin from which it comes gives it its particular and unique character. Since 1602, the sparkling mineral water of Vals has been one of the oldest exploited sources in France.

Vals water is moderately mineralized, balanced and its composition rich in bicarbonates gives it digestive virtues. It brings some necessary and beneficial mineral salts and can be drunk at any time of the day.

Available to drink at anytime of the day.

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