Veen Effervescent – Finely sparkling water from Finland


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Very little mineralized, very soft and silky, in its sparkling version.





The Veen “Effervescent” is very little mineralized and slightly sparkling water.

Ideal to accompany your meals, it comes from the most remote corners of Finland, hence its extreme purity. It is the legend of Veen Emonen, Mother of the waters, ancestral deity of Finland, who inspired the producers of this exceptionally soft water of exception, a characteristic that will not fail to surprise with each swallow.

The Veen “Effervescent” is a water very little mineralized and very slightly sparkling. In 2010 the specialized magazine “Fine Wine” declared the Veen “Effervescent” as the best water to accompany with the wine.

  • Very little mineralized.
  • Very soft, silky taste.
  • Successful Nordic Design

Exists exclusively at Watershop in 33cl and 66cl.

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